Random Chat Apps in United States of America (USA)

Thanks to technology and the internet, connecting to strangers and like-minded people are just a few clicks away in modern times. Communicating with strangers can be a unique experience and even therapeutic for some. Several random chat apps and platforms in the United States of America (USA) allow you to talk to strangers requiring no registration or login details. You can talk, share, and reach out to people from all parts of the world anonymously without revealing your identity.  While there are numerous platforms to chat with strangers, you must ensure to choose the app where your privacy is not compromised, and your data is secure. Here, we bring you the top 10 chat apps to connect with people across the globe safely and securely without sharing your private details.

Best Random Chat Online Apps in United States of America (USA) For Android And IOS

  • Random Stranger Chats

    Random Stranger Chats is a global online stranger chat portal that is absolutely free and requires no registration. This site is 100% anonymous and runs easily on most smartphones, laptops, and PCs. The chat interface is simple and user-friendly, with all options displayed when you open the website. The platform is interactive and safe to chat with strangers from all over the world. You can share any files on the chat platform, and your personal data does not get saved. Some features of Random Stranger Chats are:
    • The website is compatible with laptops and PCS and is mobile friendly
    • Personal and chat data does not get saved
    • The website supports multiple languages
    • No registration or login is required
    • You can share photos and images
    • There is an FAQ section to get answers to customer queries
  • IncogChats

    IncogChats provides super cool free online chat rooms with individuals. Meet strangers around the world. It has provided a network through which you can share anything with strangers and feel free to talk with them from any place at any time. IncogChats gives you an easy and user-friendly platform where you can feel free to talk with strangers. 
  • Anonymous chat

    Anonymous chat is the simplest way to find an unknown individual you wish to interact with without filling out a profile. You can search for the desired user through filters. You can narrow your search by choosing age, gender, and country of residence. It has a simple, user-friendly interface.
    This app allows you to send different messages such as text, voice, pictures, GIF files, or documents. You can even set reminders to continue the conversation with an interesting individual at a later point in time. The app developers have provided two screen options for viewers-a dark theme and a bright theme. If you do not wish to send a message right away, you can save it or edit it and send it when you wish. 
    Some features of the Anonymous chat app are:
    • Works on the Android platform
    • Simple-to-use app features
    • Interactive interface
    • Search filters based on age, gender, location and interests 
    • Helps connect with local individuals
    • Save memorable moments via the Synchronization option
    • No login or registration is needed

    If you are bored with only text chat, HOLLA is perfect for you. This random live video chat social app can be accessed from 40 countries and is fast becoming one of Android’s most downloaded chat apps. With over 30 million users worldwide, finding new friends is a breeze with HOLLA. 
    HOLLA offers free live voice/video chat with a one-to-one direct video calling feature. There is also an app community that you can join to share your feedback and ideas. Additionally, HOLLA offers video filters to enable a unique video chat experience. It has stylish stickers and templates you can choose from according to your mood. With HOLLA, you can make new connections, learn about new cultures and befriend people instantly.  Some features of this app are:
    • Works on Android
    • Live video/voice and text chat
    • Excellent interface design and usability
    • Does not require registration 
  • Whisper

    Chatting anonymously with strangers can be more fun with Whisper. This chat app can help you connect with strangers by revealing your identity, becoming a part of a huge online community, and sharing your thoughts with like-minded people. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, this anonymous chat app lets you share anything and everything with millions of users around the globe. With Whisper, you can text message strangers, and they will also be able to directly inbox you to have a chat. Some features of this app are:
    • Works on Android and iOS
    • Can connect with millions of users across the globe
    • Filters available to choose users of your choice
    • You can post a comment, question, or share a secret
    • No login or registration is needed
  • Chatous

    Chatous is another popular stranger chat app that enables you to talk to users around the world about specific topics. This anonymous chat app brings users with similar interests closer. Unlike other chat apps that dwell on random topics, Chatous focuses on particular topics both parties are interested in.
    This chat app comes with a load of features to make your chat experience interesting. Hashtags are the highlight feature that guides you to find the topic that interests you. Once you choose a hashtag, you will be diverted to a chat room that has people with similar interests, and other people can join you. You can also share images, videos, and audio via this app.
    You can use Chatous anonymously, as it protects your identity by changing your display name, and you can alter this nickname at any point in time. Chatous also has an automatic delete feature that deletes all your chat after some time to guard your privacy. Some features of this app are:
    • Connect with millions of users worldwide
    • Chat with people who match your interests
    • Can share text, images, documents, and videos with others
    • Easy and user-friendly interface
    • No login or registration is needed
  • MeetMe

    Downloaded more than 50 million times from Play Store, MeetMe is another great choice for a chat app to meet and make new friends. You can go live on this social app, share your interests and connect with strangers. This app has several features, including video chat, messaging, and live streaming. With MeetMe, you can communicate with people with similar interests by creating a profile. Some features of this app are:
    • Works on Android and iOS
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Over 150 million users per month
    • Can connect with people who enjoy similar interests 
    • No login or registration is needed
  • Sweet Chat

    Sweet Chat is a wonderful app that can help you make new acquaintances, friendships, and even a date. You can chat with strangers, send them multimedia files such as videos, photos, and voice memos, and make calls. You will need to get the other person’s consent or give your own consent before you begin communicating with each other, making Sweet Chat a very safe chat platform.  Some features of this app are:
    • Works on Android
    • Make friends with new people
    • Send gifts such as cash prizes
    • Share images, videos, and voice notes
    • No login or registration is needed
  • Stranger Chat App

    The Stranger chat app, developed by BrainSoft, is a private chat where you can anonymously meet and talk with strangers, and if you are lucky, you can find a date and meet up. This app requires no login, and you need not reveal your identity. Its random text chat options allow you to find users from different countries. Some features of this app are:
    • Works on Android and iOS
    • Easy usability and does not require registration
    • Ideal to chat anonymously 
  • Connected2.me

    Inspired by Instagram, Connected2.me can find interesting people to converse with. Downloaded more than 10 million times, this chat app uses GPS to retrieve a few profiles based on your interests. Click on any profile and chat away.  You can find stories on the top of the screen; you can create a user account if you want to create your story. The Shuffle option allows you to get in touch with random users in the chat room. Some features of this app are:
    • Works on Android and iOS
    • Shuffle feature to choose a person randomly
    • Create a story feature for personalized stories
  • RandoChat

    As the name suggests, RandoChat is one of the best options if you wish to randomly chat with a person without disclosing your identity. Downloaded over 5 million times, RandoChat deletes your messages right after it is sent. To ensure anonymity, the app even deletes your connection data and IP address. To enhance your chat experience, this app also offers in-chat purchase options. The key app features are:
    • Works on both Android and iOS
    • Can share multimedia files
    • Everything is deleted after seen
    • Video calling available
    • No login or registration is needed


With all these random chat options, meeting new people and making engaging connections will be a breeze. You can interact with people from all around the world and make friends without compromising your safety and privacy. Without the need to log in or create an account on any of these apps, your identity is protected. So download one of these random chat apps today and chat away.

Random Chat Apps in United States of America (USA) FAQs

  • Are random chat apps safe?
    It would be best if you took care to choose known chat rooms that permit anonymous chat so that your real name will not be revealed.
  • What is the alternative to a random chat app?
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are the alternative to a random chat app.
  • What are some risks of texting?
    Some risks of text messaging are viruses, data breaches, identity theft, and spamming.
  • How to prevent any harm in chat rooms?
    • Avoid topics that you are comfortable discussing
    • Do not respond to uncomfortable messages 
  • How do you begin a conversation on a random chat app?
    • Ask an open-ended question
    • Ask for an opinion or advice
    • Ask for an update
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