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Sat Apr 08 2023 23:04:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

You might be bored or have something to get off your chest. But your friends may be busy, or the topic might be embarrassing for you. The WOW app can help you in such situations as it lets you talk to strangers from different corners of the world; you may even find your romantic interests on the app. Read on to learn all about WOW: the random call and video chat app

About WOW app

WOW Chat by Wowed is a video chat app where you can talk to random people online. You must make an account to use this application. Don’t worry. Making an account on WOW chat is quite hassle-free. You can use three methods to make an account: 

  • Using a Google account
  • Using a Facebook account
  • Using an Email

Making an account through Google and Facebook only requires you to select the option and give permission. But you need to verify your email using an OTP to make a profile using your email ID. 

After making the account, the application will ask you to specify your gender as either Male or Female. You also have to enter your age in the app.

WOW Random Call and Video App Features

WOW has several features, but Males and Females have slightly different sets of features on the application. 

Common Features 

  • Match Making: The application will randomly connect you to a girl online for a video call. During video calls, you can send gifts and chat with them. 
  • Discover: This feature lets you browse through female profiles online; the profile will tell you about the person, including photos. You can select a profile and start a video call or text chat. If you are feeling shy to call, you can send them gifts. 
  • Message: You can message people who you have talked to, even if they are not online. The message feature also lets you send gifts to girls you like. 
  • Profiles: You can describe yourself using your profile, which lets you add your nickname and photos. 
  • Translation: The app supports translation, so you can message people speaking different languages. 
  • Beans: You can receive “beans” that are rewarded for completing tasks or video calling. Other users can also send you beans. These beans have monetary value, so after you accumulate a certain number of beans, you can withdraw them in USD. 
  • Levels: Your profile has a level based on how many diamonds you buy. This level determines what kind of gifts or effects you can send; it also tells you what percentage of your diamonds can become beans. At level 0, 50% of diamonds become beans. And at the maximum level of 10, it is 70%. 

Features only for Guys

  • Cards: Guys can get cards as rewards; you can use these cards for matchmaking. One matchmaking card lets you talk for 15 seconds, but you can use several cards on one person. 

Features for only Girls

  • Chat Price: Girls can set prices for calling them; the default price is around 300 diamonds per minute; however, it may vary. So the more girls talk with guys, the more they earn. 
  • Authentication: If you are a girl, you can authenticate your account; this will help you earn more trust. 

What exactly are diamonds? 

Diamonds are the internal currency of WOW random calls and chats. While both guys and girls can buy them, only girls can earn them through video calls. All the products inside the apps have a price in diamonds. If you are a guy, you also have to pay for video calling. These video calls are priced per minute; they can be anything from 300 diamonds per minute and up. 

What is the difference between diamonds and beans?

Diamonds are the currency that helps you buy various things, including effects and gifts. However, beans specify how much you can withdraw from the application. You get a certain percentage of your diamonds as beans; this percentage depends on their levels.

For example, if a guy or girl buys or gets 1,000 diamonds, then they earn 500 beans if they are at level 0 and 700 beans at level 10.

In conclusion, the WOW random call and video app is a fun way to video call with random strangers. Apart from only talking, you can give gifts and increase your levels. Moreover, girls have the opportunity to earn income through beans. Guys can earn cashback through them. 

Tips for safely chatting on WOW

  • Never reveal your personal information. Such information may reveal your identity, inviting troubles like cyberbullying.
  • Only download the application from the Play Store. Playstore verifies the apps, so it is less likely to be malicious.

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WOW - Random Call &Video Chat App FAQs:

  • Does it cost to talk to strangers in the WOW random Call and Video app?

    For girls, chatting with strangers doesn’t cost much. However, guys have to purchase diamonds for video calling or sending messages. The costs are per minute in case of video calls, but you only have to pay once for chats. Moreover, it also costs you to send gifts. 

  • What are the conversion rates of beans to USD?

    The beans to USD conversion rate at present is 1000:1, but this can change. So right now, if you have 1000 beans, you get 1 USD, but you need 5 USD for withdrawing. 

  • Is this application safe?

    WOW is available from the play store, so it is quite safe. Moreover, as your payments go via Play Store, you don’t have to worry about revealing payment details. But ensure that you don’t expose your identity on this application.

  • Can you play games in WOW?

    Yes, you can play games with people online on WOW. For that, you can go to the Discover section. You will find people online in this section to play games, sing, tell stories, etc. By playing games, you can win diamonds, but it may cost diamonds to play. 

  • How can guys get diamonds?

    The primary way a guy can get diamonds is through topping up. However, you can also get diamonds if others reward you; completing certain tasks also gives you diamonds. Opportunities for earning diamonds are very few for men, but you can earn beans through video chats.

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