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Sat Apr 08 2023 23:04:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Stranger Meetup aims to pair people with similar preferences. They offer exciting chatrooms and private chat sessions. Moreover, Stranger Meetup wants to create a community for people who consider strangers as friends they don't know. That is why they have several features besides chatting, including blogs and forums. 

Features of Stranger Meetup

  • Free Chat: Stranger Meetup provides free chat sessions. You don't have to spend anything for random stranger chats. 
  • Anonymous: You don't have to register, keeping your identity safe online. However, you might have to register to use their other features, including group chats.
  • Global: On Stranger Meetup, you can chat with strangers worldwide.
  • Contacts: If you make an account using Google, you can add people as contacts. 

Chat experience on Stranger Meetup

There are two types of chatting experiences at Stranger Meetup:

  • Private Chats: These chats pair you with other people using the website. You don't have to register for private chatting.
    • Click on the "Chat with strangers" link at the top, which will take you to another webpage. 
    • Then click on the "chat with strangers" button on that page
    • To verify the captcha, you can immediately start talking to the stranger.
    • Click "start new chats" to talk to another stranger if the previous one leaves.
    • Click on the three dots at the left of the chat bar and select end chats to close the chat session yourselves.
  • Chatrooms: you need to register to send messages in the chatrooms. However, you can observe the chats without registering. That means you can evaluate the chatroom before deciding to participate. 
    • Click on the "chat rooms" link at the top of the Strangers Meetup homepage. 
    • Select a chatroom under the group chats section on the webpage.

Other features of Stranger Meetup

Besides chatting, Stranger Meetup offers other features: 

  • It allows users to find details about the members. Members can decide what they want to display on their profile.
  • Stranger Meetup has a page on success stories. This way, people find inspiration from the stories and get ideas on how to use the site. 
  • The blog is another feature of Stranger Meetup. It contains helpful articles on chatting, dating, relationship, safety on the internet, etc. 
  • There is also a forum on Stranger Meetup. You can join the forum, post content, and participate in discussions. The forum has four categories, General discussions, Comments&Feedback, relationships, and lost&found. 

Alternatives to stranger meetups

If you want to try, other chatting applications, here are some alternatives:

  • Random Stranger Chats: This site has a simple user interface and no hassle mechanics. You only have to provide a nickname to start private anonymous chatting with strangers. For video chats, you don't even have to give a nickname. 
  • Tohla: You can do a lot on Tohla. Besides text, voice, and video chats, you can play games like Toons and Flappy Birds. You can also draw on this site. Its partner site allows you to make cards. 
  • Chatbink: This site allows you to make a profile and make friends. However, Chatbink also allows random stranger chats. And you don't have to register to talk to a random stranger on Chatblink.
  • Meetskip: If you only want to text chat, Meetskip is a great choice. It only has the random chat feature. However, if you want to make friends, you can use the partner site Meetzur.
  • Chatspin: This site allows you to have free video chats and text chats with users worldwide. Its interface is easy, and you can quickly start chatting with strangers on video

In conclusion, Stranger Meetup is a chat site where you can experience private and group chats. These are great ways of relieving stress and boredom. Apart from the chatting functionality, you can also be a member of Stranger Meetup. This way, you can enjoy several other features that the site offers. For example, you can set up a profile to display information about yourself and participate in discussions on the forum. Stranger Meetups also maintains a blog for providing information about a topic like, chats, relationships, etc. 

StrangerMeetup FAQs:

  • Can you share videos on Stranger Meetup?

    No, you can't share videos on Stranger Meetup. Their aim is to be different from typical social media and create a platform for everyday conversations. However, you can share photos with people in your contacts. 

  • How safe is Stranger Meetup?

    Stranger Meetups is quite safe for chatting with random strangers. It uses secure encryption, which you can verify by the lock sign on the address bar. Moreover, the site doesn't store information of the visitor permanently. 

  • How to be safe on Stranger Meetup?

    You can be safe on Stranger Meetup by not revealing your identity to strangers. If you like their personality, you can add them to your contact on the Stranger Meetup website. Then keep in touch with them to get to know more about them. And choose a public place if you want to meet them. However, take time to know them more before revealing the residence of your location. 

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