Coffee Meets Bagel: An In-Depth Review

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Tue Jun 11 2024 16:32:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is one of the few startups that found its place in the rather crowded market of dating applications. CMB was created in 2012 by three sisters, Dao-Hueh Nam, Katherine, and Arum, and it is dedicated to providing quality matches and connections. This extensive guide covers the app’s functionality, usability, and performance to determine if this is the platform for you.

Introduction to Coffee Meets Bagel

History and Founders

Coffee Meets Bagel originated in 2012 when three sisters, Dao-Huei Nam, Katherine Nam, and Arum Kang, developed the application in San Francisco. Drawing from their own experience in the use of dating apps, they wanted to create a platform that goes beyond the swiping culture.

Mission and Vision

CMB’s objective is to “revolutionize the way people meet,” which means that it focuses on quality matches and genuine connections. Their vision is based on the idea of connecting people who can build long-term relationships with each other.

Key Features of Coffee Meets Bagel

Matching Algorithm

Unlike some dating apps where the user interface is based on swiping, CMB is more selective. Each day at midday, the users are presented with a certain number of profiles, known as ‘Bagels’, which are supposedly highly compatible matches based on the users’ shared connections on Facebook, likes and education level. This curated selection makes the users spend more time on each profile, which is more productive than mindlessly swiping.

Special Features

  • Discovery: This feature lets the users go for more options outside the daily “Bagels” if the user is in the mood for more options.
  • Like & Pass: Like other dating apps, the user can either swipe right for ‘Like’ or swipe left for ‘Pass’ on the Bagels received daily.
  • Icebreakers: A fun feature that enables a user to put a conversation starter in his/her profile, which will help in initiating a conversation with a match.
  • Chat Time Limits: CMB ensures that chats are done on time by placing a time limit on the chats. After that the chat becomes inactive unless one of the users pays for its continuation with “Bagels,” which are the application’s points, thereby encouraging the interlocutors to be more active in their communication.

User Experience and Reviews

App Usability

The layout of Coffee Meets Bagel is rather simple and intuitive, which means that the users will not have any issues with its navigation. The registration, the creation of the profile, and the search for the matches are easy to perform.

Customer Feedback

Most of the comments about Coffee Meets Bagel are positive. Customers enjoy the selective nature of the matching and the emphasis on the relevance and the number of matches. However, some of the users complained of the limited daily matches and the fact that the chat time is also limited feels annoying at times.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Free vs. Premium Features

The basic version of Coffee Meets Bagel is completely free and it allows users to get daily Bagels, to like and pass the profiles, and to send limited messages. With the Premium subscription, you can find out who liked you, send more likes every day, and increase the time spent in chat.

Subscription Costs

Coffee Meets Bagel has different subscription options that range in price depending on the subscription period. In most cases, the longer the subscription, the lower the cost per month is going to be. The plans can cost as little as $20 for a month-to-month plan up to $15 for a one-year plan.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Recent Security Breaches

As of the recent past, there has been no record of any significant security threat that is related to Coffee Meets Bagel. Still, like with other online platforms, it is necessary to adhere to safe online dating behaviour.

Privacy Policies

Coffee Meets Bagel explains its privacy policy to the users within the app. It explains how the user information is gathered, processed, and safeguarded. Before registering a user is encouraged to go through the privacy policy.

Expert Opinions

Insights from Dating Experts

In general, dating professionals share mostly positive feedback regarding Coffee Meets Bagel for those who are looking for a serious relationship. The focus on the curated approach and the quality of the connections is seen as the benefits. Nevertheless, some of dating experts recommend using Coffee Meets Bagel in parallel with other dating apps to broaden the choice of possible matches.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Coffee Meets Bagel is an application that can be regarded as fitting into the list of exceptions to the numerous applications that allow users to spend their time flicking through profiles.

Here's a quick breakdown of Coffee Meets Bagel's strengths and weaknesses:


  • Focus on the quality of the matches and the choice of the connections.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Encourages thoughtful communication


  • There are not as many daily matches as in other similar apps
  • The basic version of the application may be limited by the time spent in the chat.
  • Less number of users than some of the competitors

In general, it is suitable to use Coffee Meets Bagel for those users who are bored with fast and shallow dating and want to receive more qualitative experience. If you are bored with the endless search for a partner and are eager to meet real people and have a limited number of matches a day, then CMBC is just for you. However, if you are looking to select from a larger database of users or if you are only interested in casual dating.

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Coffee Meets Bagel: An In-Depth Review FAQs:

  • Is Coffee Meets Bagel free?

    Yes, Coffee Meets Bagel does have a free version that allows users to get the basic features that include daily Bagels, liking/passing, and sending a limited number of messages. This means that for a user to access these features, they have to upgrade to Premium where they can see who likes them, send more than 10 likes per day and increase the time they spend in chat.

  • How does the matching algorithm work on Coffee Meets Bagel?

    Even though it is similar to swiping apps, Coffee Meets Bagel is more selective. They use such criteria as Facebook connections, interests, and education to suggest a small number of daily profiles called “Bagels.

  • How many Bagels do I get per day?

    You normally get a certain amount of Bagels per day, which are normally between 2 to 5 Bagels. Nevertheless, you can make use of the Discovery option to look for other compatible people apart from those selected for a day.

  • What happens if I miss a Bagel?

    Unfortunately, Bagels are not kept for more than 24 hours if you don’t like or pass on them. Nonetheless, they could come back to your Discovery feed at some point in the future.

  • What are Icebreakers on Coffee Meets Bagel?

    Icebreakers are questions that you can include in your profile so that it will be easier to start a conversation with a match.

  • What's the deal with the chat time limit?

    Coffee Meets Bagel also has a feature that allows a chat for a limited time (usually 8 days) to engage users in timely communication. Once the limit is reached the conversation becomes inactive unless one of the participants uses the ‘Bagels’ the app’s currency to continue the conversation.

  • Is Coffee Meets Bagel safe?

    In terms of security, Coffee Meets Bagel has it well sorted out. Although there have not been large-scale security incidents in the recent past, to be on the safe side when using online dating platforms, follow the following guidelines.

  • Who is Coffee Meets Bagel best for?

    Coffee Meets Bagel is best for users who are looking for a serious partnership and who are not interested in a casual swiping app. It targets the people who would rather have quality matches than a large number of them.

  • How does Coffee Meets Bagel compare to other dating apps?

    While there are many swiping apps out there that give you a plethora of choices, CMB is all about quality. This is beneficial for the seekers in terms of quality, but it may feel somewhat limiting in comparison to other websites.

  • Is Coffee Meets Bagel worth it?

    Therefore, whether Coffee Meets Bagel is worth it depends on what you are looking for in a dating app. If you want something a little less random and more selective and high quality, then Coffee Meets Bagel is the place to go. However, if you are looking for more options or if you are more interested in casual dating, then other apps can be more suitable for you.

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